I have always LOVED photography and got my first camera when I was 10 years old. It was an old Polaroid. Film/flash bulbs were expensive for a little kid, but it was the beginning of my life-long love of the art. Fast forward a few years... at 17 as a high school graduation gift to myself, I bought a Yashika 35mm camera with external flash. Yes... I was moving up in the world! That camera was awesome - still is! But, when the digital craze kicked in I had to go with the flow. Nikon cameras/equipment and Tamron lenses have become my preferred choices.
I have always been a Nature/Outdoors and Weather Photographer, but Outdoor Portrait Photography would be interesting as well. Architectural Photography is also very interesting, but not exactly appealing to everyone. It still makes for interesting photos.
After traveling (in/out of the country) and living in different parts of the USA, I currently reside in North Georgia.
I have also been an animal lover all of my life, adopting my furbaby from the Humane Society of South Mississippi in December 2012 and I will always promote the "Don't Shop... Adopt" line. The absolute best breed of dog AND cat is the "shelter" breed. Your best friend is waiting for you right now at your local shelter!